Diesel Optimization


Monitoring your diesel engine vitals is one of the most important upgrades available. The more information you have the better you will know how to safely operate your diesel under a variety of driving conditions.

We have options for individual gauges, digital monitors, and even tft full color display multi-gauge touch screens.

Air Intake Systems

The basics of making power are simple. It begins with airflow; high-flow conical air filters are the first step to increased airflow to the engine.

Steel heat shields or molded plastic air boxes keep hot air out and fresh, cold air flowing to the filter. Velocity stacks and precision-designed intake tubes provide clean, smooth, uninterrupted airflow to the turbo.

High-Flow Exhaust

More air in needs more air out. By installing a high-flow exhaust system you will see an increase in horsepower and torque.

Fuel mileage gains may be noticed as well as a decrease in exhaust gas temperatures (EGT’s), lower EGT’s will increase your turbo longevity.

Performance Modules/Programmers

Getting the power and fuel economy you want wouldn’t be possible without these god-send’s. Electronic performance products fall into 3 main categories: Modules, Tuners and Chips.

All three types electronically modify factors such as timing, injector pulse rates, fuel delivery, and so much more. Selecting the right unit for you depends on your intended purpose for the vehicle, and the vehicle itself.

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