About MIFM

Make It Fit Motorsports is your one stop diesel shop. Whether you're looking for quality diesel products designed to compliment your diesel pickup truck, or you've been searching for a facility you can trust with your truck, Make It Fit Motorsports has you covered.


What sets us apart?

After more than 30 years of providing truck service through local dealership’s, we’re proud to be able to offer the same great service and repairs in our private facility. With focus on your personal goals, MIFM strives to provide you with not only a lasting impression of our outstanding service, but a truck that will stand up to whatever you’re throwing at it.


Using the right parts, tools, and equipment makes the difference. We utilize the latest in diagnostic equipment, and specialty tools helping to streamline repairs, save you money, and put your truck back on the road FAST! If you use your truck for business, you know how critical it is to keep it operational, OEM parts, tools, and equipment help us get you back on the road, and making money.

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